Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not surprised but am angry that the Denver post had an online article about those of us who voted no on SB 266, a bill to revamp Colorado mental health crisis response. They didn't bother to print why we voted no. This bill proved $20 million to issue a request for proposal to create health crisis response system. No one could explain how it would be structured, it creates 250 new government jobs, another hot line, AND NO ONE COULD TELL US EXACTLY HOW ALL THIS WILL WORK. It was give us money and we will figure it out. REALLY?
The Dems will have spent $82 million today in just this committee- Health & Human Services. That's an average of $27.67 million an hour, or $455,555 a minute. That is some pretty heavy spending

Best thing at the Capitol today. A beautiful service dog.

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State Representative Lois Landgraf
House District 21

Rep Kraft-Tharp on her mental health bill "She has a friend with a son who always wore black and had large earrings, you know where this is going, he was eventually diagnosed as bi-polar" If that the precursor for mental illness I think we are all in trouble.
We have another winner! SB 242 comes with a $26.7 million fiscal note for 2013-14 and $53 million for 2014-15. It provides dental services for those on medicaid. How is this sustainable?
I am ashamed that other states refer to Colorado as an example of what not to do when considering mandates for renewable energy. Rural Colorado's utility rates will go from $95 to $115 a month. How can anyone vote for this.

Minority Leader Waller does a wrap up on SB 252. If rate payers in Colorado are a special interest I am proud to represent that special interest.

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State Representative Lois Landgraf
House District 21

Rep. Rankin on HB 252..... This bill will be talked about as the worst bill of the session. The bill that destroys rural Colorado. You cannot be for Rural Colorado and vote for this bill, it's unfair, it hurts families and hurts jobs. It's not too late to vote against this bill.

Monday, April 29, 2013

HB 1318 levies the following taxes on marijuana: 15% on retail sales plus 15% on wholesales sales plus 2.9% state sales tax plus local sales tax, which averages 4.34%. That is an effective rate of 39.49%. While I despise the entire idea of legalized marijuana putting such a high tax on it will encourage the cartels to continue to bring product into the country. MJ was supposed to be treated "like alcohol". So why don't we tax it like alcohol.
SB 213 is trying to fund the student's of Colorado on a long shot. Who does that? What happens if this tax increase fails?
Rep. Wilson speaking against SB 213, future school finance, "We may get lucky with this bill, but if we were lucky our roosters would be laying eggs"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

President Roosevelt at the Sunrise Republican Women's fundraiser

It is 1:10 am and we are still working. The Democrats have mismanaged the calendar so badly there isn't time to ram all of their job killing bills though during normal working hours. While we fight against job killing bills they sleep.

Friday, April 26, 2013

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".
We'll be talking about some good bills, some bad bills and some ugly bills.
Join me at my Town Hall on May 4, 10:30 am, at the Fountain Library.


Amy sticks up for her district accuses dens of going back on their word.

After the chairman attempts to gavel down Rep. Gerou, she asks Rep Tyler if he actually came here to starve people because that is what this bill will eventually do. 2% rate increase every year for 7 years. Rep. Stephens "her constituents in Calhan, Peyton, and other rural areas are very frightened" rightfully so. Would you rather have a 1% increase or a 2% increase? Amy fights for her district.

Rates so high Polly can't afford shoes

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State Representative Lois Landgraf
House District 21


Amy, protecting her peeps and looking good

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State Representative Lois Landgraf
House District 21

We should all feel so much better...Rep Levy says the 2% raise isn't a definite. It's a cap! And those who are concerned with the bill don't understand how the rate cap works! Of course the bill says the "annual rate increase is 2% annually!" How do you NOT understand THAT!
And this post from a friend who lives in El Paso County!

Colorado Folks: SB252 will be harmful to Coloradoan who received their electricity from REAs. Please read Mark Hillman's article and contact your representative and urge them to vote "NO!" REAs are owned by their customers. I am an REA customer. The rising costs to REAs will be harmful especially to rural Coloradoans who are also suffering from the drought.
Rep. Mitsh-Bush showed a long list of Co-ops to prove her point...only problem, most of them are in Wyoming. OOPS!

Elections have consequences. When those of you who rely on a rural electric association for your power see your rates go sky high, please remember who voted for HB 252 (the Democrats) and who voted to protect your pocket books (the Republicans)

Everyone who will be injured by this bill doesn't live in the far reaches of Colorado. There are those living in El Paso County who will see rate hikes.

Chris Holbert's amendment on HB 1317, Recommendations for implementing retail marijuana: Yes, it was a joke, if you don't laugh you'll cry.


Missy Franklin gold medal Olympian at the Capitol


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great Day! SB 227, my bill that severs the parental rights of a rapist in the case of a rape conceived child, passed out of committee unanimously. We had heart breaking testimony from victims who have faced this horrifying situation. 31 states have laws that address this issue. It's about time Colorado join their ranks and empower victims to stand up against their rapists.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Article on my Pro Life Resolution, by the Catholic Register.

Rep Buckner wants to cut $7 million from special Ed to fund more ELL! That is criminal.

You would think my ability to be stunned would be dampened by now. But nope. Rep. Fisher just presented a bill,HB1315, that will allow Universities to require all students to purchase health care. How are they going to afford this? According to Rep. Fisher they can just add it to their student loans!
So much for technology. We have these wonderful iPads so we can go paperless. Has all the bills, calendar, etc. Only one problem...mine doesn't work! So I ask you, how are we supposed to read the bills that are coming up today in committee when the darn thing doesn't work. So it's off to the capitol to get the paper version. At least at this point we still have the good old fashioned back up....paper.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I can't believe my ears. Rep. Primevera just said it was a good thing Colorado is a blue state so we can support all the people who will now be on Medicaid. That she feels sorry for those in red states because those people have no hope for health care. What an incredible insult. I wonder what she will say when this state is bankrupt, which is scheduled to happen before 2020 at their current rate of spending. Actions have consequences as do elections.
Speaker Ferrandino is presenting SB200, "increasing income eligibility for certain groups in the medicaid program to 133% of poverty" SB22 will increase enrollment by an estimated 240,000 people at a cost of $858 million. Currently, health spending accounts for 1/3 of the state budget. I am sure this will pass, most likely on a party line vote. We can pass this bill and we can pay for health care, but we cannot force health care workers to continue to serve more and more people at less and less compensation as medicaid covers procedures at a fraction of real cost.


I had the privilege of being a speaker at the SpeakUpCO event this morning. A great group of people who braved the snow to find out how the legislative process works. Hope to see them later today.

Lois Landgraf
State Representative House District 21
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Join me at my next town hall: May 4, 10:30 am, Fountain Library, 230 S. Main Street, Fountain 80817


Colorado license plates run amok!

Did you know that Colorado has over 80 different license plates? And..one was added yesterday on 2nd reading and another on 1st. They are mostly good causes, but really? More than 80?
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State Representative Lois Landgraf
House District 21

Monday, April 22, 2013

Now I know what happened to the Twilight Zone. It moved to the State Capitol Education bill passes the house on 2nd reading. The formula actually has a square root in it! No one could explain how it will work and Rep. Court said it's not a tax bill? Rep. Hamner said to ask the CFO's of our school districts if we want to find out how the formula works. And Rep. Holbert said we are trying to build a better dinosaur. He was the only one who made sense. chumly.com/attachment/12160208


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday...SB 213...the great Tax Hike for school finance, $1 billion, will be on the floor. We have amendments, boy do we have amendments. Will they pass? Give you one guess.

Looks like mmj isn't the economic nirvana some people thought it would be.

The Pot Business Suffers Growing Pains - WSJ.com:: online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142412788732434580457...=e2fb

"Across the country, the business of growing marijuana for medicinal use is fast becoming mainstream. But it turns out that trying to make a profit in this business is harder than expected."


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rural Colorado, prepare to vote. Same day registration is about to pass

Another day of protecting criminals (HB 1254 and 1259), killing industries (HB 1278), stomping on our 2nd amendment rights (SB 195, 197) , and killing jobs (HB 1304). Just another day in Paradise. If you haven't seen it, Rep. Moreno's bill 1304, gives unemployment benefits to those on lockout. I think the earth has tilted off it's axis! You can't make this stuff up! I feel a whole bunch of NO votes coming on. I hope it's catching.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rep Gardner on the floor of the house. 9 pm. 12 hours and still going strong.

5:15 and we are now starting SB 25...Collective bargaining by firefighters. NO NO NO
Another Dem. "Job Bill"?...Rep. Levy's bill, HB 1136, Job Protection Civil Rights Enforcement Act 2013, also known as the Trial Lawyers Job Bill of 2013, has been on the floor for hours. This bill allows compensatory and punitive damages in employment discrimination cases for businesses that employ under 15 people, removes the maximum age limit for purposes of age discrimination, permitting individuals over 70 years old to claim discrimination.
For some reason I assumed job bills meant job creation bills, not job killing bills. This will be the beginning of the end of many small businesses.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The $1 Billion tax increase, aka New School Finance, will be heard in education tomorrow. It's going to be a very, very long day.

Invitation for fraud - Pueblo Chieftain: Editorials


"A 122-page bill prepared for sponsorship by Pueblo’s Democratic Sen. Angela Giron would alter the way Coloradans vote, and its provisions are canted toward Democratic candidates."